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A Performance Based Approach to Professional Speaking and Presenting

With one-on-one coaching and basic performing techniques, you can improve your ability to be seen, heard, and experienced by any audience.

“Speaking Like That is An Art"

What you gain with ConsciousSpeaking performance techniques and one-on-one coaching is real experience in making the elements of good communication hit their mark.

Use ConsciousSpeaking to invigorate and sharpen the value of your communication efforts, inspire true change, and enhance the quality of the experience your audience is having.

What's On?

Be a Woman of Influence, April 5, 2013: Valerie will speaking at Weber State University during the "Be a Woman of Influence" conference for UWHEN. Read more >

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Best of Utah 2012 | ConsciousSpeaking voted Best Acting-Based Personal Coaching | City Weekly | March 28, 2012

Pathway Associates, a Salt Lake City consulting firm providing services to the nonprofit community, announced that Valerie Kittel and April Northstrom have joined the firm | Salt Lake Tribune | March 13, 2012

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Valerie Kittel created ConsciousSpeaking as a coaching and training opportunity for speakers who want to connect with their audience.

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